Welcome to Lacuna!

We hope you enjoy our custom-made modpack and the server! We are doing our best to keep the server enjoyable for everyone. We hope you will appreciate what we have done.

Everything for quest completion is obtainable in-game through time and grinding, but you can buy things in the server shop to speed the process up.

If you find a bug or have a suggestion, contact us on Discord.

Feel free to reach out! We will respond to your questions ASAP.

Our Story

Abyss Pack, and by extension, Lacuna Server was created by just three people. Two internet-adopted sisters met a fun guy while playing a Minecraft modpack, and it became a favorite. Unfortunately, that same modpack has been taken over by people who don't seem to care much about it. Plus, it runs on 1.7.10, missing several great mods and many quality-of-life fixes, with no plans to ever update it for a newer version. We set out to make a pack similar to that old modpack, adding in a bunch of our favorite mods while incorporating some new ones and a couple additions we'd never played before as well. It culminated in a fun mixture of magic mods, tech mods, resource generation mods, and food mods alike. And of course we wanted some goals to reach for like would normally be provided by a quest book. But we still had to keep it lightweight enough to run on a computer with 8GB of RAM-

And so, it quickly turned from a quick "Wouldn't it be cool if-?" to a whole project taking more than a year to finally launch. We officially went live in the wee hours of the morning on January 12, 2023, and we've been working to make both the pack and the server better ever since. Join us in a journey through old, new but familiar, and completely new mods of all sorts of topics on a free public server with a great community already building around us!

Where else to find us:

Check out Undeadking176's Server builds on Saturdays at 3pm EST

Check out animeartist88 on Twitch

Check out animeartist88's Art streams on Sundays and Mondays 4pm-7pm EST.